How to write about Russia – 6 lessons from mainstream media

As a reader of things on the internet, you’ll no doubt be aware, that journalists covering Russia have a different job to do than journalists covering, say… pretty much anything else.

You might be thinking hey, that sounds fun, maybe I’ll try it — but you’ll need a crash course in the basics first. So here’s a quick overview to get you started: Continue reading

RT threatened with fines or revocation of license for lack of “impartiality”

So, the British communications regulator Ofcom, is threatening RT with fines, or in the worst case, a  revocation of its license, for its supposed lack of “impartiality”.

Be right back, have to go laugh my head off.

Okay, let’s get to it. Continue reading

RT UK, the NATO spin machine and ‘American exceptionalism’

With a fairly massive amount of lies being peddled in western media about Russia and the Ukraine crisis, it’s always nice to find things that are a.) logical and make sense, and b.) not full of distortions, opportunistic translations and outright lies.

Here are a few from this week:


1. Don’t watch RT!Neil Clark,

The case for watching RT, quite hilariously outlined by Neil Clark. This piece takes a lighthearted approach, but the message is important.
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Lies and taigas and bears, oh my!

Another day, another piece of drivel passed off as journalism to the mindless masses.

Ben Judah and his gleeful “over-interpretations”


Radoslaw Sikorski

First we had Politico journalist — and I am using that term loosely here — Ben Judah deciding to go ahead and publish an article which quoted Radoslaw Sikorski as saying Putin had offered to split Ukraine between Poland and Russia.
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Russophobia, bought journalists and willful ignorance

It’s Sunday — and that generally only means one thing: I’m sitting on the couch reading through all the stuff I didn’t get time to read earlier in the week. This week, as is usually the case lately, it’s all about Russia.

putin valdai
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Damnit Russia, stop moving towards “NATO’s doorstep” …wait, what?


Do you remember that time when NATO was like “what’s up Russia, don’t worry we totally guarantee we won’t move further east than Germany” and Russia was like “cool, that’ll prevent a lot of bad feeling down the line, thanks for being so respectful”.

And then do you remember the time after that when NATO was like “actually guys, that’s not really going to work for us, so we’ll take Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania…oh and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania and Croatia…that cool?”

And then Russia was like “dude no, that’s not cool at all, you said it would end with Germany, what is going on?” 

And then NATO was like “what are you talking about? we totally never said that”

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Ukraine: We’ve been getting it so wrong


I, and most of the people I know, were products of a lopsidedly liberal school and university education, which gave little time or weight to arguments that went against the accepted norm when it came to internal political debate — and, as is becoming ever more obvious to me — international relations and foreign policy.

In domestic policy, anyone who dared to have a conflicting opinion was seen as some sort of uneducated, backward betrayer of all things right and good.

In foreign policy, those who went against the grain were the conspiracy theorists and apologists for all things bad and evil.

America was good. The EU was good. They were friends and they would stop bad things from happening and that was good. Continue reading