Western spin machines functioning at full capacity on Syria

Sukhoi jet fighters Su-24 (L) and Su-27 drop bombs during a joint Kazakh-Russian military exercise at Otar military range, some 150km (93 miles) west of Almaty, October 3, 2008. REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov (KAZAKHSTAN) - RTX96MJ

Well the ‘US good, Russia bad’ propaganda drive has reached full-blown hysteria mode this week. My sincerest compliments to the usual suspects, you are absolutely playing a blinder.

I’m especially impressed by how quickly you all became such staunch humanitarians and tallied up the civilian casualties from the handful of Russian strikes mere moments after the bombs were dropped. That’s dedication.

And hey, don’t worry about totting up the civilians casualties from the 20,000 bombs the US has dropped on Syria and Iraq for the past year. That’s yesterday’s news. Continue reading

Daily Beast scrapes bottom of the barrel for anti-Russia coverage

The Daily Beast is not somewhere I would generally turn to for balanced coverage of Russia, and mostly, I scroll past it without reading. But occasionally they manage to prove that there apparently is no limit to the depths they will plunge for a good old anti-Russia story.

Every now and then it drifts from seething hatred of Russia as an entity and Putin as a leader to pure Russophobic  insanity.  Often they use Russian authors to disseminate the worst of it, as if that somehow makes it more acceptable.

The latest installment has the not-at-all sensationalist headline: Why Do Russians Hate Refugees? Continue reading

NYT asks: Are Western values losing their sway?

Steven Erlanger in the New York Times, asks: Are Western Values Losing Their Sway?

Here’s my two cents:

The problem with our “Western values” is not the values in themselves, although some are certainly questionable. The real problem is the triumphalism that came with them after the West’s ‘victory’ at the end of the Cold War, a dangerous triumphalism that continues today. We have utterly convinced ourselves that everyone else wants what we have and we will use any methods, from the most bloody and overt, to the most quiet and covert, to pass them on. Continue reading

The Empire Files

I’ve been anticipating former RT host Abby Martin’s new show Empire Files for a while — and it didn’t disappoint.

The first episode, The Rise of History’s Biggest Empire, is a must-watch. If you can put aside 25 minutes to watch it, please do. Martin has always been worth watching. Whether you agree with her 100% or the time or not, you have to appreciate that she says what she thinks and filters it for no one — and that by the way, was no different when she worked for RT. Continue reading