Some of the strongest and sanest voices on Russia are American voices

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I am often, of late, accused of sounding “anti-America” on this blog.

It seems odd to people who know me that I could have spent a couple of years living in Washington, living and breathing Capitol Hill, and spent many years before that seemingly supporting American foreign policy — or at least not not supporting it.

But this isn’t about being “pro-Russia” or “anti-America”. This is about right and wrong — and while no one side has a monopoly on right — we have come to a point in time when it seems that, by and large, we have accepted that one side does hold that monopoly.

We have, for the most part, blindly followed one narrative and dismissed all dissenting voices as nonsense.

That acceptance of a black and white view has led us to a dangerous precipice in Europe.  Continue reading

PENTAGON REVELATION: Putin has Asperger’s and it explains everything


Have you heard the latest? No, not the regurgitated paedophile claims. That’s so three days ago.

Today’s news is that Putin has Asperger’s.

How do we know this?

Because some Pentagon researchers watched some videos, looked at his face and decided he must have a neurological disorder.

You really, genuinely, could not make this stuff up. Continue reading

US diplomat in Moscow provides laughs with an epic Twitter fail

On Friday, Will Stevens, a spokesperson for the US embassy in Moscow, tried to be funny on Twitter. To say it didn’t end well, would be quite the understatement.

Some backstory before we get to the tweet:

Stevens posted a link to a segment of RT’s In The Now, in which Anissa Naouai breaks down a recent piece from The Economist, which claims in its opening line: “JUDGING by the lack of economic news in Russia’s media, a crisis has arrived”.

This claim, that there is little to no discussion about the Russian economy (in Russia) came as quite a surprise to, you guessed it, people who actually live in Russia.

According to The Economist, Russian journalists are dutifully covering it all up to protect their Dear Leader, Czar Putin.

There’s just one little problem. They’re not. Continue reading

Greece’s friendly relationship with Moscow could cause a headache for Brussels

The Syriza win in Greece has had everyone from Brussels to Mars wondering about a potential ‘Grexit’ from the euro zone, but there hasn’t been quite as much talk about what having Alexis Tsipras in power means for Russia. Until now.

Now that he’s in, the wheels of thought have been turning rather furiously in the anti-Russia, pro-whatever-Washington-wants media circles and the consensus is broadly: Oh, dear.

Greece could now turn into a real troublemaker for the European Union and, by extension, the US — and in more ways than one. Continue reading

Saudi exceptionalism. Like American exceptionalism, but even worse.

The level of hypocrisy world leaders have stooped to this week has reached mind-blowing levels — and it was the death of a tyrannical leader of a state void of basic human rights that brought it all on.

Hold on, what?

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How Western media covered the Moscow Navalny protest

Alexei-Navalny_2259196bPropaganda is often more about what you don’t say than what you do say — and yesterday provided us with a perfect example.

You’ve no doubt heard by now that Alexey Navalny, a prominent Putin critic and political blogger was convicted yesterday of fraud and given a 3.5 year suspended sentence, avoiding prison but remaining on house arrest. He, along with his brother Oleg, was accused of embezzling the equivalent of about $500,000 from French company Yves Rocher. His brother received a 3.5 year prison sentence.

After the verdict, Navalny called on his supporters to protest in central Moscow. Navalny defied his house arrest and ventured out to join the protesters, before being promptly detained and returned home. Continue reading